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This is what our work looks like

First of all our work is to collect donations in Germany to be able to build up and support a project in South Africa.

The main task is to educate and qualify assistant teachers for nursery schools and regular schools. They are to receive a monthly salary taken from the donations.

Assistant teachers are women who are working next to the official teachers to support children in small groups or one on one, to strengthen their social and emotional skills and to develop a healthy self-esteem.

In our project we will first of all focus on the one and two-year-old children Who could benefit from a care of a larger staff.

For these children we want to train women from the township who have a feeling for children and are looking for an independent job. (We hope that these women will be role models for other mothers in the township)

Als As university.qualified teachers in social-padagy, with experience in teaching pre-school teachers (now retiered) are highly qualifieded experts in this field, willing to pass on our skills and knowledge.

We will travel to South Africa, once a year to train women, recruit antrain women will be supervised further by an experienced social worker.

The education program will start in October 2016, or when the first annual salary of an assistant teacher has been collected through donations. The annual salary is about 2400 Euro.

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