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Courios kids - in nappies

We see it as our task to appoint and train teachers to work with the youngest group of children, aged from 6 months to 3 years, in the townships of South Africa; so far there has been no programme for this group. With this goal in mind, we also intend to provide creative, stimulating material for work and play, and healthy, nutritious food.

Three different projects have already been started:

1. Staff trained to encourage the development of the youngest creche children in small groups.
2. Staff trained to lead Mother-and-Child groups, especially suited to unemployed mothers, in the townships.
3. Day-Care-Mummies, with full-day responsibility for the children in their care, who receive special training in child development.
For only 20 € per month you can guarantee the salary of one teacher.


Creche babies – not street babies


In this project, we would like to set up ‘foster-parent’ plans for the poorest families in the townships of Cape Town, so that these children can take part in our programmes, especially in the creches.

As well as activities designed for their age-group for child development in the creche, the children receive protection from the dangers of the townships and two healthy meals per day.
A place in the creche costs 30 € per child per month.
We select the children, and stay in touch with and support the parents.


Emergency Aid

Again and again fires break out in the townships. Here we help to relieve immediate needs of the affected families.

We provide water, food and clothing.

In this case, one-time donations are appreciated, and are directly passed on to the needy families.

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